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2000s Casual Wear

2000S Casual Wear back in fashion

Back in fashion – 2000S Casual Wear

2000S Casual Wear back in fashion

To speak about 2000-s fashion, let’s begin with Silhouette.
No single silhouette ushered in the new millennium. Unlike the unisex space suits that were predicated in the 1960s to be fashionable by the twenty-first century, fashions proved to be quite the opposite. Casual wear continued becoming more varied and relaxed. American women practiced garment layering, adding variety to the tradition of mixing separates. Comfortable knit wear, especially novelty T-shirts, continued for daily wear.

Dresses for day-wear remained simple and relaxed, some resembling the cut of loose shirts. Day dresses and cocktail dresses might be off-theshoulder, halter tops, strapless, or backless depending on the individual wearer’s preferences. Day shift and full-cut A-line dresses with V necklines or scoop necklines in colorful prints were also widely worn.

Cotton polo shirts, T-shirts, and button-down blouses remained an important component of the casual wardrobe. Corset tops became a novelty in casual wear and could be made out of elegant fabrics, leather, or any other materials. Pant styles from the 1990s carried over into the new century.
A new trend was the use of low-rise pants, which sat just below the waist, creeping ever lower as the new millennium progressed. Pinstriped long pants, resembling the style worn in business wear, were also popular for
casual wear as well as cargo pants with top-stitching and patch pockets on the thighs and calves.

Decorative Details
Black and white dominated the palette, but brown became the new dominate neutral to combine with other basic colors. Color blocking and floral prints remained in use. Other embellishments included cutouts, stitched gathers, hems finished with lace. Rayon, polyester, and silk blends were extensively used, and cashmere.

2000S Casual Wear back in fashion