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2000s Neckwear and accessories

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2000s Neckwear and accessories

Chokers, necklaces, and other pieces continued showing a variety of influences from the previous century. Chandelier and drop earrings were as popular as smaller stud and hoop earrings. Silver still remained more popular
than gold in the early years of the century.

With the popularity of cellular telephones, personal digital assistant devices, and iPods, handbags and purses included special compartments to carry these devices. Some designers even began producing special lines of
covers and pouches just for the devices. Coach, Gucci, Chanel, and Fendi all made designer versions of cell-phone pouches. Equally popular were the giant leather purses with large belt-buckle style cinched tops and single- or double-handled straps. These satchel style bags came in gold, lime green, and silver, in addition to the standard black and brown. The trend for these oversized bags was propelled by Hermes “Birkin” bag featured in the storyline of Sex and the City, in 2001. Clutch purses, novelty bags, and messenger-style bags were among the popular trends in the early part of the twenty-first century. Quilted bags were also widely adopted by American women, particularly those created by Vera Bradley.

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Most accessories, including glasses, belts, and sunglasses, became larger in dimension again in the twenty-first century. Novelties such as jeweled cuffs and rings, pearl and colored leather watchbands, and acrylic accessories
were widely worn. Classic leather belts with metal-work buckles, studs, and other ornamentation were worn to further emphasize the low-rise waist in women’s pants and skirts. Technical innovations in the
production of eyewear allowed eyeglasses to be made without frames.
Eyeglasses and sunglasses were both embellished with decorative elements such as fake diamonds, designer logos, and colored lenses. Soft plastic bracelets with mottos in support of a variety of causes became an important trend by 2004 inspired by American bicyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong’s battle with cancer.

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