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Curtain color in interior

Curtain color in interior

Curtain color in interior

Curtains are a very important element of any room, provide comfort and give a sense of stage style. If you do not follow certain rules, you can greatly spoil the overall impression of the design of rooms, so it’s important to get serious about the choice of colors for textile decor of your home.
Choosing the right colors can help enhance the visual effect – to expand the space, make the room brighter, or vice versa to create a shaded area to relax. In addition, the combination of intelligently combined positive effect on the human – impact on mood, increases work capacity, soothe or invigorate.

White curtains

White visually expands the space, but it needs to be diluted with other colors, otherwise the room will look dull.
In combination with pink, blue, olive, coffee color or ivory white curtains create a cozy and quiet atmosphere in the bedroom.
White drapes make a harmony with bright colors. Therefore, the room in any case, will be filled with light and air, and also will create positive emotions.

Curtains 4

Curtain of yellow color

The yellow color visually expands the space.
Curtain fabrics of yellow tones combined with the mustard-green or brown look good in the office, this color invigorates, energizes and adjusts to the active work.
In conjunction with aqua-green, blue or yellow, white curtains are perfect for children’s rooms and kitchens. They will make your interior warm and cheerful. Besides yellow improves appetite.

Curtain of yellow color

Green Curtains

Green creates a feeling of peace and tranquility.
In combination with yellow, green shades are ideal for the kitchen; they will improve your mood and give energy.

Curtains of dark green hue with a golden or brown look expensive and solidly, so perfectly match the interior of the cabinet or office.
Ideal for a bedroom, as having positive effect on the nervous system and soothe the eye.

Curtains Green

Light Blue Curtains

The Light blue color gives a sense of peace, light-heartedness and purity. The main thing – not to overdo with it, otherwise it may cause the opposite effect. Therefore, the light blue color it is necessary to dilute other shades, such as gray, pale yellow, brown, beige, orange.
Light Blue is ideal with white; as such duo creates the effect of purity and innocence. Most often, such a combination is used in the decor of the bedroom.
In combination with brown or yellow pastel shades, light blue curtains create a feeling of comfort and a calm state of mind. This combination is ideal for the living room.

Curtains blue


Blue Curtains

Blue relaxes and erases the borders. In combination with white turns into relaxing combination that is associated with the sea and the summer beach.
The curtains in bright colors of blue in combination with white or ivory color are ideal for living room.
Perfect for children’s design is a combination of blue and yellow or beige.

Curtains blue 2

Curtains 5

Red Curtains

The red color enhances the mood, gives a positive and active effect.
In combination with a gray or white red curtains can be an excellent option for the kitchen decor.
If you add to the red curtains black, beige or brown, you’ll get an excellent option for living room decor.

Curtains of red

Curtains red

Orange Curtains
Orange color is associated with happiness and optimism. It is able to revitalize and beautify any interior. But here, as with the blue color, the main thing – not to overdo with it.
Perfectly match combinations of red with orange and green or orange and color of natural wood, they look great in the kitchen.

Curtains orange

Curtains orange 2
The combination of dark orange and brown – quiet and noble – perfect for bedrooms and living room.
Orange curtains is appropriate to use in the office. After all, this color sets to work, creativity and movement.
And most importantly – no matter what color you choose in the decoration of the premises, it is important that it is harmoniously combined with the main color.

Curtains 2

Curtains 3

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