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Design wedding day – be creative and thoughtful

Be Inspired. Design wedding day

Be Inspired. Design wedding day

Design your own wedding day
If you are looking for amazing ambiance, where do you begin?
Be Inspired
First, Create an inspiration board. Second, Look at your personal belongings for that outfit that makes you feel phenomenal. Third, List hobbies, favorite sports and team, the way you accessorize your outfits with hats, jewelry, scarves, favorite fashion designer, home accessories, feel-good colors and music of choice. Fourth, Add photographs from favorite magazines, on-line blogs and websites. Bottom line, you must love everything on this board.
With that, your theme, color scheme, activities and fine details will begin to unveil naturally. Make sense of them by using one or two inspirations at your check-in table, on place cards, as a part of the entertainment, table design, program or in the lounge area. You will discover your inner designer with amazing personal flair!

Design your own wedding day

Be Creative & Thoughtful. Design wedding day

Be Creative and Thoughtful
Design elements that can be used at your wedding can be found everywhere. For example, you may want to serve traditional cake or a celebration dessert of choice such as croquembouche or hot malasadas or a infused hot chocolate bar. When personalizing your bridal bouquet, consider adding your grandmother’s broach or use handcrafted felt fabric flowers to create the bridal party bouquets and boutonnieres.
Create a unique layout for the ceremony. Create a “T” cross aisle with a center circular stage and have the bridal party enter busting a move to “I got a feeling” by the Black eyed peas. Ocean and surf lovers can create their bar display by using a horizontal surf rack and adding 4 to 5 surf boards as “shelving,” Serve your favorite microbrew on tap with sex wax
coasters. Whatever you choose, incorporating what inspires you throughout the wedding will make for an unforgettable affair!

What is the forecast of trends for 2011-2012? Textured and tie-dyed fabrics for table linen and backdrops like taffetas and light wool plaids are in. Other color choices are smoke and steel grays, persimmon and mango oranges, classic navy, mixed metallics, soft romantic champagnes and ivories. Earth and ocean friendly planning, eco-tourist activities, re-purposing, re-using, re-fabulous are all popular choices. We’ll see more R.S.V.P.’s on-line, e-mailed save-the-dates, video invitations in stop motion style. For garments, patterned and tulle layered gowns, retro tea length and full skirts with cinched belts and mod geometric suits. Some activities for guests include trendy choices such as a nostalgic video arcade room, mini-salsa lessons before shaking it up on the dance floor, renting venue with a theatre and showing your slideshow “movie” and entertainment. Use a few or all of these ideas making sure to add your personal blend to the mix.

Consider out-of-the box and crazy ideas that invoke the “wow” factor. Create transitional areas from the moment guests step into the venue — from the welcome greeting, ceremony, cocktail hour and meal, to the dancing, lounge, the goodbye or midnight snack. Each area should have its own personality, style, colors, purpose, lighting, music and appeal. For instance, your dining area can have amber lighting, all white florals and linen and mirrored glass table tops, then transition guests to an ultra chic lounge area with lavender lighting, leather furniture and serve passed lollipop cake and mochi ice-cream. Name your cocktail hour, ‘Cirque du soleil’ where talented acrobats balance from hanging chains 10-feet above guests and serve cocktails in off-centered glassware.

Provide guests with cruising bikes and ride in a pack to the reception. Have a wall mural design dedicated to your favorite comic heroes and incorporate your faces with the heroes and heroines. Rent a food wagon like Korean tacos or beef sticks and corn dogs for a midnight snack or rent an ice-cream truck with the music and all, and serve dessert. Or choose an unpopular, hidden gem of a venue for your ceremony and reception like a state park, a military base, retail store, catamaran boat, an elementary school, a roof top building or an open parking lot and make it your own.

Design wedding day