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Eva Longoria – through hardship to the stars

Eva Longoria - through hardship to the stars

Eva Longoria – through hardship to the stars

Eva Longoria – through hardship to the stars
Until October 2004, only viewers of daily American television programs knew the name of Eva Longoria. But the first series of “Desperate Housewives” had a crazy rating – twenty million viewers watched it! Even the oldest employees of the ABC channel could not remember such a success. And the last series of the first season – already thirty million! In fact, “Housewives” caused a splash of fanaticism, and it even outshone “Sex and the City”. Appeared a computer game about the adventures of four housewives from Fairview town, burdened by children, husbands and family problems. Captured in comics, and even dolls appeared! Once, Oprah Winfrey appeared on the set: it turns out, she also adores Gaby, and Susan, and Lynette, and Bree!
Actresses’ fees, too, grew by leaps and bounds. If in the first season for the series Eva received thirty thousand, then in the second – already two hundred and fifty. When the conversation came about the seventh and eighth seasons, here the the girls demanded four hundred thousand per episode, and not less. Of course, they were condemned, but they didn’t care about public opinion.

Eva Longoria - through hardship to the stars

On the set of Desperate Housewives, 2008. Eva Longoria – through hardship to the stars

Every thing in this world has its price, and Eva paid in full. She almost died when, in August 2005, on the set of “Housewives”, the decoration fell on her. Almost four minutes was unconscious, and then she could not get back on her feet … And the case when she flew off the staircase from the stairs and almost broke the ribs! .. Fortunately, everything was fine then … Yes , how much water has flowed from that first day of shooting in the late spring of 2004, when she was sitting in the trailer in a pink jolly suit, with meter-long false eyelashes and waiting for her exit to the site … Nervous, of course. Eva was the youngest of four actresses, approved for the main roles, and much less experienced.

By the way, then, when the series triumphantly passed through all countries and continents, viewers fully and completely associated Eva with her fussy heroine.
And in vain … Firstly, Eva Jacqueline Longoria is not Cinderella at all, on whom all the blessings of the world fell one day: a rich husband, and a luxurious home, and other joys of life. Eva is a small but stubborn workhorse. All that she owns – and in 2010 Forbes magazine named her among the most highly paid TV stars in the US – earned herself.

Secondly, Eva is a Catholic to the core. Her parents lived in a church consecrated marriage for more than forty years. They raised four daughters and never succumbed to diabolical temptations – such as treason. Yes, Eva herself condemns infidelity, especially after she has experienced on her own skin what it means to be deceived wife …
Funny, one time no one model agency didn’t take her anywhere because of small growth, but in the series she received the role of Gaby, a professional model that glittered on the catwalks of Paris.

Marriage of Eva with Tyler Christopher ended in January 2004. The last time they met was a few days after the end of the divorce. Eva gave to the former husband the keys to their rented apartment and for a long time watched as he, a tall, broad-shouldered handsome, crosses the street and sits down in a car parked near the pizzeria. A fat woman came running up to him and asked for an autograph. (Tyler has been playing Nicolás Cassadina for many years in the popular TV series “The Main Hospital” and enjoyed tremendous success with spectators).

Strictly speaking, they met on the set of this series. Eva had a whole episode, a tiny role, but she, as it often happens with beginners, placed high hopes on it. Even funny, who was she playing there? It was just her duty to just sit in a limousine and take off her glasses. Of course, they immediately liked each other: Eva was attracted to the sportsmen from high school, broad-shouldered, snooty, and Tyler at one time even thought about the career of a professional baseball player. Both were full of ambitious aspirations.

Eva was a hardworking person since childhood. Did Tyler work at the bar? Ha, and she was selling hamburgers and cola in Wendy’s. He repaired cars in a car repair shop? Eva also helped sell the refurbished cars for a few months.
And from a young age, she worked hard on the ranch. She grew up in the suburb of Corpus Christi, and her father, a descendant of the Spanish Don Longoria, tried to become a Texas farmer, however, without much success. The girl looked after the animals, carried the feed, but still her passion was cooking. Aged seven, she could cook a chocolate cream, if, of course, someone from the elders moves her on a chair closer to the stove. Mama Ella woke up at six and cooked breakfast for the girls and her husband. So did all the women in the family of Eva, in which there was a place for laziness.

Meanwhile, of all the daughters of Longoria family Eva achieved the most success. She was the only one of all the sisters enrolled in the university. However, the biggest achievement of those years, according to Eva, was the victory in the local beauty contest. Crowned Miss Corpus Christi 1998, homemade, in cheap rhinestones, she clearly understood: here it is, the right direction of her life. The world of show business, fashion, and cinema … At the contest there were many long-legged, white girls, but they chose her!

In general, she quickly moved to Los Angeles and got an agent. First, came the television show L.A. in A Day, and then flashed in the role of a silent stewardess in the series “Beverly Hills 90210”. In the Young and the Restless, she played Isabella, a jealous, hysterical schemer who tried to kill her rival, but eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Obviously, passionate heroines are her role. And Eva herself can be very impulsive. For example, their marriage with Tyler was a spontaneous decision, made for one week. No wedding dress, no bouquet, a cake, guests … Did she believe that they have a future with Tyler? The devil only knows, it was just fun. And then, as usual, feelings evaporated, and they became strangers. He spent days on the set, and she also did not sit around at home.

And the next man in her life was Tony Parker. According to Eva, Tony Parker stole seven years of her life. And how cool it all began … They met in November 2004, exactly one month after the release of the first series of “Desperate Housewives.” However, Tony had never heard of any housewives. Professional basketball player, he was far from the world of TV shows. 23-year-old Tony just … fell in love. He literally lost his speech when he saw a miniature beauty on twelve-centimeter heels in the locker room of the San Antonio Spurs sports club. The meeting with the Latin American crumb was like a flash of lightning in the night sky …

In fact, to her casual acquaintance with Tony Eva is obliged to her father. It was the idea of ​​Enrique Longoria to see how his beloved basketball club would beat the rivals of the neighboring state. So, for Tony it was love at first sight. They exchanged phones, but they did not start meeting right away. Both were very busy: he had games, and she had shoots. The novel flared up later, but how … Sparks flew in all directions … Tony was seven years younger, and Eva somehow immediately became his patron. For example, having learned that her beloved is a fan of rap and hip-hop, inspired him to record his own album. Why not? Beckham can do anything, her Tony isn’t worse…

Tony Parker himself fell in love so that neither his friends in the basketball club nor his parents recognized him. Eva too, gripped by intense emotions, inspired, she even embodied an old dream – opened a restaurant in Hollywood. And the card of her Beso, which in Spanish means a kiss, was a cocktail of white sangria with pear juice. Two years later Eva opened a second Beso in Las Vegas and in addition, a nightclub. She called the club simply – Eva. Noteworthy, among the guests of the club were Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Carmen Electra, and other celebrities …

In “Eva” Tony and Eva celebrated Christmas, New Year’s Day, and birthdays. Besides, appeared a tradition: every time the cooks were preparing a gift for a couple – a three-tiered cake decorated with the name Eva from caramel and Bengal lights. In general, they did not count money.

But, perhaps, the most luxurious enterprise was their wedding. All newspapers and magazines of the world wrote about this event. First, the date. Eva chose July 7, 2007. Secondly, the place is definitely Paris. Tony is a Frenchman, and then, only in this city you believe in romantic fairy tales. Tony was stunned by the flight of her imagination, but did not object, and paid the bills. He even had to rent a private plane, because Eva intended to take everyone to France: the girls-housewives and Mark Cherry, parents, sisters with husbands, nieces … Not to mention Tony’s team. Nine bridesmaids dressed in red dresses. And generous Eve presented to each – a purse decorated with Swarovski crystals and a gold bracelet for memory. She herself appeared in a wedding dress for 75 000 dollars.

Her family life was excellent. Tony bought a sports club in Asvel in France, and Eva even thought of moving to Paris and giving her children a French education, but as long as there are no children, just arrange a series of parties somewhere in Saint-Tropez …

But … everything stopped at once. On that November day of 2010 she, without knowing why, took his mobile phone. No, she was not jealous at all, and there were no suspicions. Because she always knew: she is the best. Open any magazine – in the list of the most coveted women of the planet the name of Eva Longoria in the first lines.
In his phone she found a few dozen of love messages, frank passionate confessions from an experienced adult woman with whom he had everything …. And the name of this lady – Erin Berry, the wife of his teammate Brent Berry.

The divorce coincided with the shooting of the seventh season of the “Housewives”. In the press they relished the details of Tony’s infidelity, even somewhere they dug up their joint photo: Erin with her blessed and both are happy.

Then began a romance with Mark Sanchez – this football player was completely in her taste, but Eve always caught herself thinking that again and again compares him to Tony … Worst of all, that Tony did not even try to ask her forgiveness, did not justify, did not lay at her feet … Even at a farewell, strictly business dinner in the restaurant, he did not express a word of remorse, either with a word or with a look.

Treason of Tony seemed to have begun the blackest band in Eve’s life. Now the problem arose with her restaurant Beso. Suddenly it became clear that the restaurant and club business is not only a party for which you can invite Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham, but also financial reports, expenses, loans and debts. And the second restaurant in Las Vegas, each month brought losses of 76 thousand dollars. Smell of bankruptcy… The partners fled like rats from a sinking ship.

In fact, eerie stress and a sense of imminent collapse finally cured Eve from the consequences of the divorce from Tony. American actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman, she became stronger, and most importantly – smarter.

Eva Longoria – through hardship to the stars

Based on the article in the magazine Karavan of Stories, 3-2013