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Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

2002 photo of world beauty pageant. Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova
Andrei and Oksana were already acquainted, but had not yet met. One day he first invited her to his country house. At the entrance to the village Oksana saw the sign “Emerald town” and gasped: “This is a fateful coincidence!” For some reason, she always subconsciously believed: sooner or later the day will come when she will meet her man. But she was always unlucky. Many will probably wonder, Miss Universe does not have suitors? “It’s incredible, but the fact is – by the time of the meeting with the future husband, Oksana was completely alone.
She finished her studies – first at the police school, then at the university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, worked hard, changed her place of residence, and built a career. Also made mistakes, but still believed that she would have a family. She did not know what he would look like, what eyes, hair, voice he would have. And she dreamed of a laconic, kind, and reliable man, the right person. That’s what she called him – “the right person.” The man who can stand up for his family, and in a difficult situation to take responsibility.

With her son Fyodor. Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

With her son Fyodor. Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

Unfortunately, Oksana did not know her father – he left her and her mother very early. Meanwhile, Oksana built the image of the man who should match her, gradually, brick by brick. After the victory at the contest “Miss Universe” events began to unfold lightning fast. It was necessary to adapt quickly to changes and to manage everything. In this endless race, in pursuit of success, personal life goes into the background …

Indeed, in life it is not easy to find someone who is close to you, who would share your life views. He himself must find her, she thought. “He should come to me, feel me at a distance”. And Oksana did not particularly look, mostly waited. She believed that her heart would tell her.

They met three years ago, or rather, for the first time looked each other for a few seconds. And then each of them continued the conversation with their companions. A little later, when they had already met, Andrey told her: “When I saw you on the screen, for some reason I always felt you. And I always knew that you were my woman. That we will sometime necessarily meet. When I saw your eyes in the restaurant, I understood everything about you.”

Andrey is a serious man, busy. They met again two or three times. She has constant shooting, concerts, and he has a job. But for them, everything was clear. Probably, therefore, for her, did not become the surprise his SMS: “Shall we go through life together?” I did not hesitate a moment, replied: “Yes!”

However, the period of courtship has coincided with terrible employment. They couldn’t even go to the movies. She’s always on set, and he works. And one day Andrey took her out of town. With pride he drove through the territory, showed the house, which Oksana really liked. She noticed that Andrey collects antique bronze figurines on a sports theme: skaters, boxers. Seeing them, she realized: he is a sportsman. And here they coincide.
Then it turned out that Andrey is a master of sports in boxing, skating, performing in competitions, and now he is vice-president of the Boxing Federation. Then she saw the old gramophone, some other ancient objects of everyday life and realized that he was a thinking person.

Andrey said: “This is now your home.” Oh my God! This is her first home after she left Pskov. And this is not her mother’s apartment, not a hostel and not rented apartments… “Well, when are you moving in?” – Andrey asked. And hurriedly added: “Are we together now?”

Surprisingly, from the moment they met, their relationship has been developing all the time. Every month, every day, love becomes stronger and stronger, and they are getting closer and closer. That is, love is blossoming gradually, like a bud. Andrey never asked her about her past life. He once said: “I know everything about you.” Indeed, what should she hide? Her whole life is long in sight. Oksana was also not interested in his past life. The main thing, she firmly knew – he is free and there are no obstacles to marriage.

As a result, she literally transported the suitcases to Andrey in one day. Andrey suggested to travel already as husband and wife. They decided to register the marriage in August, right before leaving. When they discussed the date, they agreed that they would not invite any guests. And then they began to equip their house. They painted the furniture in white, changed the doors to white, Oksana chose curtains, etc.
Meanwhile, Oksana did not tell anyone about Andrey, even to her mother. The fact that she is getting married, her mother learned only on the eve of registration. According to Oksana, she was afraid to splash joy inside herself. Her mother met Andrey only when they got married, and she immediately liked him.

And with his mother, Oksana met a little earlier. Andrey decided to surprise her. He called and said: “We will now come with Oksana.” When she saw Oksana with her son, she had a shock. “Wow, I looked at you on TV and admired. I always liked you … ”

They did not want to make a fuss, and to do everything very modestly. It’s after all their, Oksana and Andrey’s holiday. On the wedding day Oksana was wearing a white cocktail dress. When they filled out the questionnaires, Andrey nobly said: “I do not want you to change your last name. Everyone knows you as Fedorova.” And she remained Fedorova. But when they left the registry office, Oksana felt that this should not be so! “Why did not I take the husband’s surname? We already left the registry office, and I suddenly asked:” Can I go back? “I rewrote the documents, and now I’m Oksana Borodina.” Andrey did not show a sign on his face, but I read through his eyes-he was happy. ”

Two days after registration they went on vacation. And soon Oksana realized that she was pregnant. This coincided with the work on her third music video, filmed in a very beautiful place on the island of Samui. Her mood was romantic, and she wanted to hug the whole world, to share her happiness with it. And she decided to dedicate the clip to Andrey and their future child. The title “All because of you” at that time determined her state of mind …

According to Oksana, the head of the family is Andrey. In this Oksana adheres to traditional views. She organizes the way of life, monitors the order and responsibilities of the household, and the husband makes the global decisions. But this does not mean that he does not consult with her. And she consults with him on all her creative questions. He is an intelligent man, and can give good advice. Sometimes it is useful to hear an opinion, sometimes non-standard, from a person from outside. Moreover, closer and better than Andrey, nobody knows her. Even her mother. And she listens to his opinion.

When the news that they were married spread, the reaction was surprisingly calm. There was no shock. Andrey and Oksana still did not publicize the relationship, they didn’t appear anywhere together. The only time they appeared together in public on the occasion of the opening of the Bolshoi Theater. Oksana was already pregnant. But people did not even understand what kind of stranger is next to her. Andrei says: “Your life is on the stage, and I’ll be in the rear.”

In one interview, Oksana said: “With my husband, I feel much stronger, I discovered what quiet family happiness is, “when I do not want to waste time on empty meetings, or unnecessary chatter. I am irresistibly drawn home, where my men are waiting: Andrey and Fedya. However, we did not close at all from the outside world, I really love my husband’s friends and I always accept them, it’s a completely different circle. “I remember, for the first time in my husband’s company, I thought:” There are still real men! They are! Rarely seen at a party or in a nightclub, they are engaged in serious business, most of them are people in uniform. They know the concepts of honor, duty, and friendship … These people are close to me and understandable, because I, too, am an officer.

Andrei has three sons from his first marriage. The elder will soon be 23, also a 15-year-old son and the youngest – 11. So Fedya is not bored to grow, surrounded by brothers. Andrey’s older children often visit them. “With my appearance in their relationship with father nothing has changed. All three are very good boys. They call me just Oksana”.

“I myself notice how I changed with the appearance of Andrey. In particular, I became more self-confident, and more calm. Career will never occupy the first place in my life. At some point you begin to look seriously at life, to evaluate it in a different way. In addition, I want to be more useful for people…. I do not want to make any plans, but I have a feeling that we are together forever. Once I said this to Andrey, he paused, and then said: “Me too …”

Family happiness of Miss Universe Oksana Fyodorova

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Based on the article in the magazine Karavan of stories №3-2013