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Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

27 year-old beauty, Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

Famous English actress Angela Lansbury
Born 16 October 1925, Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury – English-American actress and singer.
It so happened that the actress played the main role exclusively in detectives and criminal films. In the films of other genres she played the roles of the second plan, however, she played them brilliantly.
Nominated for an Oscar three times, and for an Emmy Award eighteen times, she won the Golden Globe six times and received the highest Tony American Theater Award five times.
Born in London, she grew up in a family of actress and businessman, Moyna Macgill and Edgar Lansbury. The grandfather of the future actress was Labor Party leader George Lansbury. During the Second World War, she and her mother and two younger brothers emigrated to Canada, and a short time later to the United States.

Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

Samson and Delilah. 1949. Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

Lensbury’s film debut took place in 1944 in George Cukor’s film “Gaslight”, where her partners were Ingrid Bergman and Charles Bouillier. The young actress was immediately nominated for “Oscar” for the role of the second plan, but didn’t receive an award. For her second film, “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” Angela Lansbury won the first Golden Globe and was again nominated for an Oscar.

According to the actress, she wanted to play the main characters, but MGM’s studio bosses wanted to make Lansbury a character actress and basically offered her the roles of sisters, lovers and mothers. It got to the point that when Angela was 22 years old, the studio gave her the role of Spencer Tracy’s forty-five-year-old mistress in Frank Capra’s “Married” (1948).

One of the most notable films with Angela Lansbury became The Manchurian Candidate (1962). In this political thriller, Lansbury played Mrs. Aislin, wife of an influential senator, whose goal was to assassinate a candidate for the presidency of the United States with the hands of her only son. Lansbury was just three years older than her screen son, actor Lawrence Harvey. Angela Lansbury won the Golden Globe for this role and the US National Film Critics Award, and considered the favorite in the Oscar race, but the coveted statuette suddenly went to actress Patty Duke for the film “The Miracle Worker.”

Noteworthy, in 1984, the actress agreed to the role of Jessica Fletcher in the series “Murder, She Wrote.” The series has become very popular, shown unchanged in prime time on the CBS channel for 12 years. Throughout this time, 33 directors have worked on the series, including the son of actress Anthony Shaw, and the guests of the show were such Hollywood stars as Janet Lee, Gene Simmons, Van Johnson, Martin Landau, Dorothy Lamour, Ernest Borgnine and many others.

When she was 19 years old, Angela married actor Richard Cromwell. But the marriage did not last long, and a year later the couple divorced.

Meanwhile, in 1946, at the party with actor Hard Hafield, the actress met Irish actor Peter Shaw and in 3 years they got married. In the marriage, the actress had two children. Their marriage was considered one of the longest in the history of show business until 2003, when Peter died.

In an interview with the famous journalist Barbara Walters, Lansbury admitted that she was grateful for the fire that destroyed her family’s house in Malibu in September 1970. At that time, their children experimented with heavy drugs and parents decided to move to the countryside of the Irish county of Cork. The actress believes that the move has saved her family from greater trouble.

Lansbury for a long time lived in Los Angeles and supported various charitable organizations in Southern California. In an interview, Lansbury said: “I have a family and grandchildren. I live a full life, but nevertheless I have time to do something for others, which makes me incredibly happy. ”

Currently, Lansbury continues to perform twice a day on the stage and wants to play an interesting role in the movie, but refuses many suggestions, as she does not want to play “dying from Alzheimer’s old people.”

Famous English actress Angela Lansbury

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