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Legendary polka dots fashion

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Legendary polka dots fashion

No one can say the exact date of birth polka dot prints. But, most of all, for its development required the creation of printed pattern on fabric technology. Printed fabrics appeared in Europe a few hundred years ago. In those days it was not easy in fashion to make complex printed patterns. Confirmation that the polka dots had already existed, is a photo of 1865, in which a simple woman is depicted in a blouse with polka dots.

Traditionally polka dot pattern used in the clothing of flamenco dancers and musicians. Dress with polka dots began to wear in the 1920s, but the 1950s the world of fashion called the birth of polka dot prints.

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1950s. One of the most important decades in the history of polka dots. All women, from movie stars to housewives, dressed in a polka-dot things. A collection of dresses with polka dots appeared in Christian Dior collection. The most popular polka dot prints became in the United States. Marilyn Monroe, as any woman of fashion of her time, also did not leave polka dot prints unnoticed. One of the most famous models in the peas from Monroe – swimsuit two-piece, photo 1951.
1970. Fashion designers at this time sometimes drew inspiration from the styles of previous decades, so they had to remember polka dot prints. Interestingly, in 1970 the London women police received a new form, which were white blouses in black polka dots. Later on, this form will be called one of the worst because of the irrelevance of peas. Still imagery of the print creates the concept of innocence, optimism, fun.

1980. Years, full of optimism, and the 1950s polka dot designs, came into fashion, embodied the optimism and carelessness. In the 1980s polka dot was increasingly used in making accessories.

In 2006, polka dots pattern has become incredibly popular in the UK. This date is considered a new stage in the history of the pattern. From polka dot fabric began to sew skirts, dresses, scarves, tops.

Today, prints with polka dots appear in clothes for any occasion: evening and casual dresses, skirts and blouses, clothes for home and leisure, very popular the print became in children’s clothing.

The main thing why we love polka dots prints – because it can be worn by a girl and a woman of mature age. Every possessor of things with polka dot print, looks charming and attractive!

I propose to look at and enjoy a selection of clothes with polka dots:

Legendary polka dots fashion

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polka dot prints

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polka dots fashion