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Making your own tassels

Making your own tassels

Making your own tassels

Follow the step-by-step guide.

It can be difficult to find a ready-made tassel that matches the colours of your decorative scheme exactly, unless you make your own. Mastering the basics is very satisfying, as we found of trimmings emporium V V Rouleaux.
You will need: • a jig, available mail order from V V Rouleaux, •two small clamps • a bench or table to work on • sharp scissors • cord measuring about 0 5 m long (ours was a rich brown) • two spools of warped yam (we used a chestnut-coloured rayon for the body and dark brown for wrapping) • comb or brush • additional decoration (we chose wire-edged ribbon, chenille cord and feathered trim).

To make the tassel:
1. Clamp the jig to a bench or table, with the two bent spikes to the left and straight spike to the right. Fold the piece of rich brown cord in half and knot to form a loop. Drop the loop round the left- hand spike and pull the legs towards you. Put the spool of dark brown yarn on the straight spike. Wrap approximately 2 m of the yam around the two bent spikes and cut, leaving a loose end of around 50 cm. (This will be used to tie the neck of the tassel.) Unwind the chestnut yam from the spool and wrap it round the spikes at either end until you have enough to make a nice, thick tassel, then cut. Put the resulting lengths between the legs of the rich brown cord, as shown, and secure with a tight knot. Smooth the cut yam down around the knot and comb or brush.

2. Hold the tassel in your left hand, with your index finger and thumb at its neck and your remaining three fingers held straight. Wrap the 50 cm of dark brown yam (cut earlier) once round the inside of the three straight fingers on your left hand.

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3. Working to the left, wrap the loose end of the yam around the neck of the tassel four times, catching in the yam from the left hand spike as you go.
4. With your hand still open, pass the yam up through the loop formed between your left hand and the tassel.

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5. Ease the loop off your fingers, and pull the yam from the left-hand spike tight and cut. Tie the ends in a double knot and cut.
6. Finally, trim the tassel skirt.
To make tassel hangers to decorate the larger tassel, repeat as before but at stage 1 keep the cord legs long and knot the tassels one below the other. Finally, fix your additional decorations around the neck of the tassel and cover the joins with cord.

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