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Pleated skirt inspiration

Pleated skirt inspiration

Pleated skirt inspiration

The long-awaited spring has come at last, and with it – the need for a happy changing of boring winter clothes to a light and feminine alternative. At the mention of spring tenderness comes to mind one of the most “girlish” and cute things – pleated skirt. After all, these cute skirts have been decorating spring wardrobe of every fashionista for many years.

Pleated skirt long

Pleated skirt – one of the few parts of the female costume, does not require additional decorations. It is so self-sufficient and is beautiful in its simplicity, that all sorts of ruffles, bows, stripes and pockets only spoil favorite classic folds. When this pleated skirt is universal to such an extent that each of fashion, no matter what fruit it resembles or geometric shape has its silhouette, any fashionista can pick her ideal model. Choosing a perfect mini-midi-maxi version, each of us will meet the spring elegantly dressed.

pleated skirt with belt

Short mini-pleats are usually made of dense material to reach a length of 20 centimeters. Often we associate these clothes with school uniforms. To get away from this “similarity”, you must choose the right components of remaining look. Harmoniously match stylish shirt, knitted sweater, and delicate top bustier blouse. To combine this option kit is better with elegant high heel shoes, sandals or ballet shoes.

short skirt pleated

Midi Skirts in the crease have half flared silhouette and are usually made of silk, wool or satin. Excellent “neighbors” for this option will be gentle pleated jumper, shirt, blouse or turtleneck fit. In the case of suddenly cool spring useful can be a jacket. From shoes should be chosen shoes with heels, boots or sandals in the Greek style. Particularly impressive with pleated skirt of this length will be men’s style shoes.

Pleated skirt to the floor is usually made of chiffon, lining along the entire length or extending to the knee. Perfect “top” for this model will be light blouse, shirt, jacket, denim vest and classic T-shirt. A strict jacket is especially magnificently paired with a skirt. Harmonious shoe will be sandals wedges, closed boots or stylish sandals.

the skirt is pleated at the knee

As for accessories – their use with a pleated skirt will totally overload the look. After all, this piece of clothing is itself an incredibly expressive and does not require additional accents. But if you can’t live without any bright attribute, it is worth paying attention to the thin belt, emphasizing the elegant waist line. Another suitable option would be a wide belt situated below the waist and decorated with sequins, leather or embroidery.

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Depending on the purpose of the image (a romantic date, office suite or a walk around the city), created with the help of pleated skirts, some accessories can direct the look into the right direction. For example, an elegant watch and neckerchief make the image corresponding to even the strictest dress code, with the help of massive bracelets and flirty scarf you will become the dream of every gentleman. And cute clutch and original glasses will turn an ordinary walk into a fashion show.

Choosing one of the many options, pleated skirt – is the right choice.

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