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Sunset Rose Clutch Purse Pattern

Sunset Rose Clutch Purse Pattern

Sunset Rose Clutch Purse Pattern

Sunset Rose Clutch Purse Pattern bead project


11/0 seed beads:
26 lustered pale yellow
26 lustered pale tangerine
39 lustered peach
58 lustered orchid
82 lustered blue-purple
78 lustered It. blue
120 lustered dark red
250 lustered cream
350 lustered med. rose color-lined
450 lustered pale pink
350 lustered white
120 transparent dark green 220 transparent med. green rainbow 105 lustered It. green 504 gold metallic (optional for border)
6″ x 7″ piece of #14 interlock needlepoint canvas 7″ x 16″ piece of gold metallic leather 7″ x 16″ piece of fabric for lining 16″ length of 3i6″-diameter gold metallic twisted cord Neutral gray thread for beading Gold thread for finishing Iron


Sew beads on needlepoint according to Sunset Rose Clutch Purse Pattern.
Draw a 54>” x 13*4″ rectangle on wrong side of leather.
With right sides together, sew lining fabric to leather along rectangle, leaving one short side open.
Trim corners. Turn bag right side out. Slipstich open end closed.
Fold bag in thirds. Slipstitch two sides together to form an envelope with a (lap. Leave 4″ opening at bottom of each side.
Slip raw end of gold trim into one opening at bottom of one side seam, then sew trim around sides and flap of bag. Bury other raw end in opening at opposite side and secure with thread.
Correct any distortion in beadwork by steaming and stretching. Trim excess canvas to 3/8 and clip corners. Baste all four raw edges under using invisible stitches. Press edges flat.
Center and stitch beadwork to flap of bag. Bury the excess thread behind beadwork.

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