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Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning
In ancient times, the wedding bouquets had not decorative, but protective role, that’s why it was composed of certain plants and flowers. So, the groom could collect his bride bouquet which symbolically express his feelings. For example, asters – a symbol of joy, phlox – passion, orchid – a symbol of women’s health, the pion – a happy marriage, and roses – love.
Here is the list of flowers and their meaning:
White Rose

Purity of thought, a symbol of innocence. The presenter of these flowers says – “You are pure and beautiful as an angel.”

Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Red roses

Wedding Bouquet 2

The opposite value is white. It symbolizes passion, ardor feelings. The presenter of the Roses thus expresses his vehement desire and strong love.

Burgundy rose

As the red – a symbol of the ardor and passion, but burgundy roses, possessing deeper and more saturated color represent a deeper and more serious feelings.

Pink roses – symbol of sympathy, sense of origin. With a bouquet of pink shades acquires delicate, and at the same time, fresh colors, and in combination with white flowers – all the poignancy of the moment.

Yellow roses

Yellow roses

Contrary to all prejudices, yellow roses – a symbol of care, recognition and pride for you. If the husband gives his wife a bouquet of yellow roses – this means sweetness and good family relations.

White Chrysanthemum

The symbol of sincerity, friendship and respect. Perfect as an accompanist for other colors.

Yellow Chrysanthemum

yellow chrysanthemum

The symbol of tender love and care.


It means a lot of joy and happiness. To give a tulip – is to say “I’m happy with you.”


The symbol of aristocracy, refinement and taste. This flower expresses cosiness and elegance.

White, yellow Lily

Clean and fragile, a symbol of the Virgin Mary, her pure soul.


The shape resembles a daisy, so they have the same value: flirtation, smiling.


This flower is hard to find in “live” bouquets because of its fragility and tenderness. The symbolism is also associated with tenderness and femininity.


They are called “the rainbow goddess of flowers” because of variations of colors and gradients. It symbolizes trust, wisdom, fearlessness.



Refined, elegant shape of this flower is associated with beauty and refinement. Nothing extra. The presenter says, “You’re gorgeous.”


Small inflorescences of forget-me-nots symbolizes fidelity and constancy. Excellent fit in bouquets of wildflowers.


This flower – a symbol of youth and romance. Bouquet of daisies – the mascot for romantic and ambitious natures.


Strelitzia, or as it is called “Bird of Paradise” is an unusual exotic flower. It is a symbol of purpose, victory over fear. Include this flower in your bouquet and you will catch the admiring glances of the spectators.


Spring flower, so its values ​​are associated with the first love, awakening new heady feeling. Bouquet with lilac looks pale and luxurious at the same time.

Violet / pansy

Violet and pansy – a delicate little flower. It symbolizes modesty and dignity. Their mottled coloring -bright accent in any bouquet.



Wedding Bouquet Flower Meaning

Freesia is trust, reliability. It is often added to wedding bouquets, it can help to construct luxury cascading bouquets.


Fuchsia – a rare flower for bouquets. It symbolizes goodwill, good attitude.

Do not forget about some of the “contra” flowers for the bridal bouquet: daffodils and camellias are undesirable because they are a symbol of mourning and gladioli – a flower for business and practical people.