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Where to wear leopard print purse

leopard print

Where to wear leopard print purse? Fashion tips.

To work. Yes leopard print may be appropriate in the office, it would be perfect to have a roomy bag, where you can put folder with A4 documents. If you feel uncomfortable in the office with this big leopard bag, you may choose the models of bags with leopard print inserts – they look less stridently. However, going to negotiation, or to the office with this bag, the choice of clothing should be chosen especially carefully. Your outfit should be plain.

Brown or black business suit – here’s the perfect solution. The shoes should match the suit, or have the similar colors. In the office, inappropriate is garish makeup. Pick for make-up brown and beige soothing colors.

Where to wear leopard print purse

To the feast. A little leopard clutch is the perfect addition to luxury evening or cocktail dress. Beige, black, brown dresses – the best choice. But if you feel confident enough, keep in mind that the leopard print bag would look great as a complement to the red dress. For shoes is important the texture, rather than a color. If you have chosen a lacquered leopard print clutch, then shoes would be better of patent leather. You can also afford more saturated shades – black, brown, beige, gold. Red lipstick is the perfect complement to the image. Be sure to get a manicure in the color of the lipstick and you will be incomparable.

leopard print purse

Every day. Leopard print bag can become an excellent addition to your daily image. It is suitable for denim – whether it’s jeans, sundress, skirt, shorts or dress. As for shoes – appropriate will be anything, from moccasins, ballet flats, pumps, to boots. Additional ensemble of bright-colored top will make you ready for anything as well – a party, a disco, shopping, and meeting with your friends.